White Rose Trail-O

Trail O – Sunday 26th August.

This will be held a short walk from assembly on Sunday. You will have time to do this after or before your Classic distance race! It will take you 30 minutes or so.

Trail Orienteering (Trail O) can be enjoyed by all, including those with disabilities. It does not require speed, strength or navigation but retains the crucial orienteering skill of relating the map to the ground in complex terrain.

Trail O completely eliminates the element of speed over the ground, but makes the map-interpretation element much harder. Depending on the level of difficulty, up to five control markers are hung at each site and only one will correspond exactly with the control description and control circle position. Indeed, (in the elite class only), one possible answer is ‘None of the controls corresponds’. Sites are chosen so that they can be seen from a wheelchair-navigable path or area, but they may be quite a distance into the forest or non-navigable terrain.

Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 in the following classes:

Young juniors (M/W12-),

JM/JW (M/W14-16),

SM/SW (M/W18-45),

VM/VW (M/W50+).

Details of how to enter for the White Rose Trail-O are available here.


The course on offer will be Pre-O which is one of the disciplines of Trail-O, the other being Temp-O.

It is an exercise in map interpretation and accuracy. It is a mental exercise for those who love maps.   Why not try this different discipline. You will be set challenges that must be solved without leaving the track. (you are not permitted to go into the forest.) The challenges involve matching features on the map to those on the ground; judging distances; differentiating between parallel features; taking accurate compass bearings; recognising pictorial descriptions; and making decisions under pressure at the timed control.      The course will take about 30mins. Either before or at the end of your course you can do the timed controls. The score from the timed controls will not be included – only the time you take.

At the timed controls you will be faced with a tableau of 5 flags, one of which matches the circle on the map extract and description presented to you. You decide which is the one and the time to make the decision is part of your score.   However if you choose incorrectly you will have a 60 sec penalty as well.”


Planner- Peter Roberts.                        Controller – Christine Roberts.                        As well as being an experienced mapper and planner of both Trail O and traditional foot orienteering Peter is also a very accomplished Trail O competitor. A previous British Champion and winner of this years JK paralympic class he will be representing Britain in the World Championships this summer. He and Christine will be on hand to provide information and advice on how to succeed at this alternative O-discipline.