White Rose Mountain Bike Score Race

White Rose MBO start

White Rose MBO start © NYMBO

There will be a 3 hour Mountain bike score event with a 2 hour option for Novices on Monday afternoon 28th August.

Normal orienteering kites and SI punching will be used. The terrain used for this event will be larger than used for the foot-O and will use an overprinted 1:30000 map covering 120 sq.km. This event will be organised as usual by North Yorkshire Mountain Bike Orienteers.

Registration will be open from 1130 – 1325hrs with starts 1200 – 1300hrs, however later starts will be accommodated for foot-orienteers taking part in the Team event at Olivers Mount.

Fees are Seniors £12.00 and Juniors/Students/Novices £6.00 with reductions for British Orienteering members and own SI cards. You can enter online here but not through the White Rose web site. Competitors that have not pre-entered for the MBO course will be welcome and will be accommodated subject to map availability at no extra charge.

MB Orienteering Race