White Rose Sprint Race

Sprint Event – Saturday 25th August.

We are very pleased to announce we have negotiated access to Helmsley Castle (kind permission from English Heritage) for this Years Sprint Race. Helmsley Castle 2

The race will be set in parkland and the Castle with no streets or undergrowth. An ideal opportunity for you to stretch your legs and test your ability to navigate and make decisions at speed.

This sprint will be available late on Saturday afternoon.

Prizes will be awarded to the first three in ten class combinations.

Subject to planning and controlling we anticipate a number of different courses as shown in the table below. To be eligible for a prize please enter your normal age category.


Young Junior Men (M10/12)
Junior Men (M14/16)
Senior Men (M18/20/21/35)
Veteran Men (M40/45/50)
Super Veteran Men (M55/60)
Ultra Veteran Men (M65+)
Young Junior Women (W10/12)
Junior Women (W14/16)
Senior Women (W18/20/21/35)
Veteran Women (W40/45/50)
Super Veteran Women (W55/60)
Ultra Veteran Women (W65+)



Details of how to enter for the White Rose Sprint Race are available here.