White Rose Sprint Race

Sprint Event – Saturday 25th August.

This will be available late on Saturday afternoon and will be a traditional urban sprint event around the village of Helmsley.

Prizes will be awarded to the first three in ten class combinations.

Subject to planning and controlling we anticipate a number of different courses as shown in the table below. To be eligible for a prize please enter your normal age category.


Young Junior Men (M10/12)
Junior Men (M14/16)
Senior Men (M18/20/21/35)
Veteran Men (M40/45/50)
Super Veteran Men (M55/60)
Ultra Veteran Men (M65+)
Young Junior Women (W10/12)
Junior Women (W14/16)
Senior Women (W18/20/21/35)
Veteran Women (W40/45/50)
Super Veteran Women (W55/60)
Ultra Veteran Women (W65+)



Details of how to enter for the White Rose Sprint Race are available here.