About us

White Rose Weekend has been UK’s leading orienteering holiday weekend for 41 years, providing orienteering races in North York Moors forests and dales almost every August since 1972 (two years were missed, one due to drought/fire risk and one due to foot and mouth).

In the 80’s and 90’s upwards of 2000 orienteers came to this annual Yorkshire event, but numbers declined as many other successful orienteering holiday events, both in UK and abroad, became available.

In the last six years, the White Rose team has tried hard to build on the weekend’s main two events by offering a very wide range of other orienteering-related activities.  At the same time maximising the quality of the overall weekend with an attractive campsite and family-friendly facilities for all.

2012 marked a landmark for White Rose Weekend, for Eborienteers and for its regular participants as the weekend celebrates its 40th  anniversary.

This year the White Rose moved to a new area and a new event format – at Scarborough on the fantastic North Yorkshire coast.  White Rose 2014 in Scarborough is over – but we will be back next year in Pickering Forest.


Wiegand Family at White Rose 2011

Wiegand Family at White Rose 2011