White Rose Classic and Middle Distance Races

Level B events – Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August 2017

As always, the White Rose will provide two top quality regional events where aggregate times are used for the award of White Rose Trophies.

Collis Rigg

The Middle Distance Race will take place on Saturday 26th August at Collis Rigg.

Blank maps can be viewed here




heater rigg1 Classic Distance Race will take place on Sunday 26th August at Heater’s Rigg.Blank maps can be viewed here

Start times for both days are expected to be from 10am to 2pm.

Classic and Middle distance courses will be organised by colour – broadly in accordance with British Orienteering guidelines, however to enable aggregate times to be calculated across the two races, there will be short and B classes available at both the Middle and Classic events.

Both races will be separate British Orienteering ranking events, however to be eligible for a White Rose prize you must run the same course both days. The course you run must also be appropriate to your class (see table below) or a more difficult course (one for an older age group if you are younger than M/W 21 or for a younger age group if you are older than M/W 21. Please  see the additional information at the foot of this page if you intend running out of class.

White Rose Trophies are awarded on results based on the cumulative times for Saturday and Sunday’s Races.  Prizes (iconic mugs!) will be awarded to the first three in all age-group classes.

To qualify for a mug, enter by the age group you wish to compete in rather than by the colour.  It is not necessary to be a member of British Orienteering to qualify for a prize at White Rose.  It is necessary to have “balanced start times” across the two days – please bear this in mind when entering and selecting start time bands. If there is any conflict when start times are allocated your preferred Saturday  start time band will be used.

Parents are welcome to shadow a junior but to remain competitive on your own course please do so after your own run.

If you are new to orienteering and are not sure which courses may be suitable for you or your family please contact the Organiser and we will be happy to advise you

Course and Class combinations for the Classic and Middle Distance races


  1. There are minor variations from BOF guidelines – we do not provide separate classes for M/W80S or M/W85 and M/W90. However we do provide a W75S class.
  2. Also note that we will offer the same classes at the Middle race on Saturday as at the Classic Race on Sunday.  This means (unusually) that “S” and “B” courses will be used at the middle race.  This is to enable a total time to be calculated for each class across the two races.


Additional information for competitors intending to run out of class.

  1. If you decide to run out of class, you will be eligible for a prize in the class you enter, provided that you are clearly “running up” (i.e. a more challenging class than that designated for your age group).
  2. If there is any possible ambiguity about which class you are running (bearing in mind that some courses cover up to 12 classes) it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the organiser is aware of your intended competitive class before your Saturday start.  Your actual 2017 age class should then be shown in brackets after your name in start lists and results.