In 2018, White Rose Weekend is based at Duncombe Park in Helmsley, with the assembly field in Duncombe Park itself. Helmsley amenities 1 km!

Friday 24th August:   Night Score (Level D).

White Rose 2018 Campsite

White Rose 2018 Campsite

Saturday 25th August: 

  • Middle Distance (Level B),  Duncombe Park
  • Sprint (Level C)

Sunday 26th August: 

  • Classic (Level B), Windy Pits
  • Trail-O (Level D)
  • Prize-giving & BBQ.

Monday 27th August:  

  • Team Event
  • Mountain Bike O.

Duncombe Park is a mix of fast running open parkland and feature-packed broad-leafed woodland with some bramble.

Windy Pits combines traditional White Rose woodland and moorland with heavily contoured valleys

email: wrweekend2018@gmail.com